Who's Who

The Institute of Travel & Meetings is led by a group of supplier and buyer members appointed as board Directors for an initial two year period, with the option to re-appoint for a further two years.

The leadership team always has more travel buyers represented than suppliers and the Chairman, Vice Chair and Immediate past Chair are all from the buyer membership. This ensures that the association acts primarily in the interests of the buyer community, which is ultimately in the long term interests of suppliers.

These representatives join the Chief Executive, the non-voting head of the secretariat, to form the ITM board. Each board director undertakes the following role for the association:

  • Works to help create the association's strategy, with particular representation of their membership status
  • Is a critical friend to the association
  • Ensures that activity is monitored and evaluated appropriately to measure the success against strategy
  • Adopts a directing status or leadership role across a chosen stream of ITM activity

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