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ITM Research produces regular market snapshot reports on specific industry issues. Each survey is undertaken across a panel of over 160 volunteer travel buyers with travel budgets totalling in excess of £1 billion per annum and including  many of the FTSE 100.

ITM Research Results - Industry Affairs Survey Results, November 2011

With an ever increasingly complex market place driven by economic turmoil, government policies and supplier changes, the role of a buyer-led association to represent the interest of its members becomes more important than ever. ITM's Industry Affairs Group seeks to represent the association to the wider community and therefore took the decision to canvas the ITM buyer membership regarding a number of key issues affecting the way we manage business travel programmes and the results act as a pulse for the direction of business travel in the UK and beyond.

Price: £100.00

Mobility & Mobile Solutions July 2011

ITM Research results on the impact of improved technology on travel management and the role of those managing and buying business travel.

Price: £100.00

ITM Research Results - Data Metric Measuring, October 2010

Whilst the business travel and meetings industry has progessively moved towards greater data capabilities, the vast pace of change within the sector means that there's a never ending series of hurdles which need to be addressed to maintain quality data. But what is data used for within businesses, just how valuable is it and what is it that buyers are really looking for suppliers of data to provide?

Price: £100.00

ITM Research Results - Crisis Management May 2010

ITM sought to understand the reactions of the business travel and meetings buyer community in light of the ash cloud and what support they received from the government, intermediary and supplier sectors. The results of this research are likely to assist the industry to better serve those directly affected by any crisis situation in the future.

Price: £100.00

ITM Survey Results - Cost Offload, March 2011

This recent survey by ITM shows the results of the latest set of research, produced in partnership with Argate, concerning what it terms "airline cost off-load and revenue strategies."

Price: £100.00

ITM Research Results - Airline Product Changes February 2010

ITM sought to consider the implications of sector product changes on the business travel and meetings buying community to understand the impact on managed company programmes and the likely success of creating distinct competitive elements and increased revenues in the long run.

Price: £100.00

eXpert Insights - Changing the Game: The Impact of Technology on Business Travel

To understand the impact of new online collaberation and mobile communication technologies to business travel, this research includes surveys of both travelers and travel managers on travel alternative technology attitudes and adoption. It outlines how they support - as well as supplement - business travel and business travel management practices today.

Price: £100.00

ITM Research Results - Annual Trends Comparison 2009

The results of ITM's Annual Trends Survey, December 2009.

Price: £100.00

Enabling Technology - Survey Results November 2009

It is said that technology is the great enabler, that automated processing and efficiencies are a given once technology is created and introduced.

ITM Research conducted this survey across its buyers' panel of 190 members to find out just how effectively technology was used.

Price: £100.00

Demand, Supply and Convergence Sept 09

ITM sought to test the exent to which companies were taking a holistic approach to the management of business travel and meeting & events sectors including alternative communication technologies. The research also sought to understand the present and forward demand and supply of products and services within the travel & meetings sector.

Price: £100.00

Short and Long Term Drivers June 09

The results of ITM's latest research across members who buy and manage travel and events for their companies, representing expenditure in excess of £34 billion worldwide.

Price: £100.00

Travel and Transport Links Jan 09

ITM Research and survey results on travel and transport links, in the light of the recent announcement by the UK Government that the expansion of a 3rd runway at Heathrow is proceeding.

Price: £100.00

Taxation and Subsidies Nov 08

The Results of the lastest ITM Research report on taxation and subsidies, a timely release in light of recent announcements by the UK government's treasury on increases in Air Passenger Duty (APD) and reductions in Value Added Tax (VAT).

Price: £100

Economic Drivers June 08

This report looks at the impact of changing economic activity on corporate travel programmes.

The survey findings question the widespread practice of travel freezes and asks  buyers what is influencing their travel programmes and the likely outcome of predicted economic behaviour.

Price: £100

Corporate Accommodation April 08

This report looks at the management practices of hotel and accommodation programmes.

The survey findings show that management is becoming more diversified and content alternatives are becoming part of every day programmes.

Price: £100

Airlines and Alliances Jan 08

The world of the airline has come under considerable pressure to change in the last couple of years. Increased competition for fewer seats after 911 saw a plethora of airline failures and the drive towards more consolidation.

Price: £100

Corporate Mobility Sept 07

This report looks at the impact of changing working practices on corporate travel programmes and traveller behaviour.

The survey findings challenge the belief that ongoing connectivity increases stress and ask questions about travel buyer decisions on investment to provide a working environment for travellers en route.

Price: £100

Traveller Health & Safety July 07

This report judges the impact the Corporate Manslaughter & Homicide Act is likely to have on corporations by asking travel buyers to respond to questions on existing practices of traveller information, tracking, risk assessments and other duty of care principles.

Price: £100.00

Ground Transportation May 07

This survey looked at the different ground transportation modes used by corporate travel programmes and the reasons for doing so.

In addition respondents were questioned about the impacts of safety and security and also environment on the choice of transport modes in programmes and the choices made by travellers themselves.

Price: £100.00

Distribution & Influencers Mar 07

This survey looked closely at the mass changes and challenges to legacy distribution systems over the last few years and their impact on corporate choice.

Questions were also asked about frequent flyer programmes and hidden charges/remuneration and their influence on the actual inventory chosen by today's business traveller.

Price: £100.00

MICE Jan 07

This report demonstrates that meetings, conference and events spend - so often referred to as the final frontier of travel management - is still some way from being conquered by organisations seeking to consolidate their meetings and transient expenditure.

Price: £100.00

Travel Avoidance Dec 06

This survey looked at the impact of environment, duty of care, changing working practices and cost on changing traveller behaviour and the arrival of mass use of tele and video conference.

It also questioned the ability of corporations to include the option to avid travel in favour of technology in the authorisation and booking process.

Price: £100.00

Expense Management Nov 06

A detailed report on existing expense management practices and whether total end-to-end actually exists?

This report also covers the number of buyers using corporate cards against lodge and account and the speed of reimbursement of travellers. One questions asks detail about the specific business criteria in selecting an expense management system.

Price: £100.00

Buyer, Supplier Relations Sept 06

A report which extended across the supplier community in addition to the buyers panel. It asked questions of both parties about the behaviour of each other with some surprising results which identified a need by buyers to be more precise with their information during the RFP process.

Price: £100.00

CSR Aug 06

ITM's formal survey about corporate social responsibility in general and environment in particular. This survey sought to establish the importance of CSR to the corporate travel buyer and the actual activity undertaken in reducing emissions.

Questions were also asked about the activity of UK travel buyers in extending CSR principles throughout their supply chain and the monitoring of this activity.

Price: £100.00

TMC Service June 06

This report looked into the demographics of TMC servicing and the impact of global consolidation on corporate activity.

Questions were also asked about the main reasons for review and the likely future of the TMC sector as viewed by the corporates on the panel.

Price: £100.00

Business Travel Service Remuneration May 06

This report covered all business travel services and asked buyers to grade their intermediary service fees by bands to allow viewers to see the range of fees across different sectors.

It also asked questions about remuneration methodology for different transaction types.

Price: £100.00

RFP Process April 06

This survey looked into the different timescales of RFP activity across different sectors, from TMC to Airline and Car Hire.

The RFP Process itself was questioned with respondents giving opinions on e-RFP and e-Auction activity and the methodology used sector by sector.

Price: £100.00

Self Booking Tools March 06

Self Booking Tool adoption figures were beginning to be inflated by both the buyers and suppliers hoping to convey SBT success to the wider industry.

This report sought to understand exactly what level Self Booking Tool penetration was at and what the reasons for success and failure were.

Price: £100.00

Crisis Management Feb 06

A survey across the ITM buyers panel which looked at the reaction of UK corporates to emergency situations and the impact of assistance from outsourced providers. How many buyers tracked travellers and how quickly they were able to obtain reports were asked.

Price: £100.00

Compliance Jan 06

UK Travel buyers were asked to estimate the levels of compliance to policy and to preferred suppliers, with surprising results.

Reasons for non-compliance were researched as were the impact of this activity on corporate behaviour. How non-compliance was tackled was also explored with a variety of activities being represented.

Price: £100.00


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