We are able to provide a customised, efficient Search & Recruitment service for a wide range of jobs in business travel, delivering results and value for money. In addition to these traditional services, we are able to assist our clients in a broader advisory role. Rather like a talent company whereby we engage with our clients over the whole cycle of employees, from attraction to selection, and then retention.

We are able to offer services including assessment, coaching and mentoring development to senior management, designed to ensure that candidates have the skills and culture fit to our client's needs & their organisation.

Retention - we pride ourselves in client service excellence & have over the past 5 years achieved client retention levels of 95%.

How we work

Our recruitment process in essence utilises three forms of candidate sourcing in parallel:

(i) Talent bank - our unique database (see below)
(ii) Advertising - utilising known and proven online publications
(iii) Proactive identification and contact of individuals in the sector who posses superior reputations many of whom have been recommended to us.

Screening will involve interviewing all short-listed candidates, using sophisticated competency interviewing techniques to assess their relevancy for the role. Once a candidate has been identified as the preferred individual by you, we will then conduct appropriate reference checks


Talent Bank
In addition to our extensive network of contacts within the travel industry, we have also built up a Talent Bank of pre-screened senior executives and high-flying managers, many of which care through referrals, personal contacts and recommendations.

We pride ourselves on keeping our talent bank fresh and unencumbered by outdated or dormant candidates. Furthermore, the majority of candidates in our talent bank have been met and assessed by one of our team. We do not keep every CV on our database which is sent to us. The benefit of this approach for our clients is that we only supply relevant and quality candidates in a timely manner.


We tend to restrict ourselves to working with only a few clients from within each sector, thus allowing us to have an in-depth knowledge of these sectors and minimising the number of "off limit" competitor organisations. As our team has cross sector knowledge, we can also easily recognise the ability to move candidates between sectors.

Retained Search

For corporate travel recruitment assignments with roles over £75k we tend to operate a retained search model. This involves agreeing a list of target companies with our client, approaching the very best candidates within these organisations, and specifically targeting key individuals who are regarded as high achievers.

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