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  1. When the Going Gets Tough


    With some of the difficulties suppliers are experiencing being played out publicly, such as the BA Cabin Crew strikes in response to working practice reviews, it occurred to me must be very hard for many in the traditional supplier sectors to plan their year ahead let alone their long ...

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    FEB 08 2010

  2. Europe at Last


    At last, a cohesive buyer-led European network for the first time in the business travel and meetings sector. The collaboration between NBTA, ITM and the other European partners will in a short time produce real benefits for ITM members with European remits. The planned benchmarking tool and conf...

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    JAN 06 2010

  3. Getting to Grips with Change


    Change is coming and its coming fast. Here's just a couple of the activities coming up in the coming months which will affect travel and meetings programmes. There's a change to the TOMS regulations for VAT application and a change to the rule on hotel bill-back VAT rules too. Unbundling is increasing and has major implications for your processing of data and billing. If you don't know the impact these will have on your travel programmes, they'll take you by surprise!


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    NOV 26 2009

  4. Stop asking for things when you don’t use them!


    Why oh why do corporates ask for the world when they don't need it and won't pay for it?!

    Over the last ten years, corporate demands have steadily increased as part of the RFP process with additional data and service requests regularly being added to RFPs but without any inclination to increase payment. Surely even basic procurement principles must make buyers aware that if you keep s...

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    AUG 03 2009

  5. Transport Guidelines


    Does anyone have any taxi/public transport use guidelines within their travel policy?

    I have been asked to issue some guidelines of when public transport should be used over taxis but not sure what the norm is mileage wise.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    Angela Smith

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    AUG 03 2009

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