ITM Announces New Integrating Travel Payment and Expense Management Workshop

Updated: 09-10-2013

More companies are integrating an end to end process for travel and expenses which includes the booking process, payment methods and expense reconciliation. They are leveraging the latest technologies and developing global strategies for complex corporate programmes.

With numerous vendors and products available in the market today, providing a solution for the elements of an end-to-end solution is a complex and complicated puzzle to put together.

This workshop will provide the knowledge for the following:

• What does a best-in-class, integrated solution look like and how does it perform?
• What is the value to my business of integrating travel, payment and expense management?
• What is an end-to-end process and what are some of the complexities involved?
• What products, services and processing options are there for payments?
• What products, services and automation options are there for expense processing?
• How do travel booking services and products integrate with payment and expense management?
• Why I should lead this initiative and how can I engage key stakeholders, e.g Finance, IT, Audit, etc.?
• How do I collaborate with the other departments if they are already driving this initiative?
• What happens if another department chooses a piece of the jigsaw that does not fit with my current configuration and strategy?

Click here to read more and to register for the event.

The event is FREE to ITM Business Buyer and ITM Business IP Members. Members are also welcome to bring along a colleague from their accounts or finance department. 

Fee for ITM Connect Buyers and ITM Connect IP's.

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