ITM announces findings from Travel Buyer Salary Survey

Updated: 10-07-2012

The average business travel buyer across the respondents of the 2012 salary survey earns a total package of £60,464 per annum, is aged between 36 years to 45 years old, has between 6 to 10 years' experience and is based in the South East, according to results released today by ITM.

The survey was completed by 141 ITM Business Buyer Members from across the UK and Ireland and shows the key drivers to earnings are:

  • Size of Company
  • Size of Travel Spend
  • Individual's overall budget responsibility
  • Number of Travellers
  • What aspects of the travel programme they are responsible for
  • Company Industry Sector
  • Geographic location

The survey also found that those members who are CIPS qualified earn an average of £10,000 per annum base salary more than those who were not. Whilst 47% of respondents reported into their companies procurement department only 19% were CIPS qualified with an additional 14% working towards their CIPS qualification. The data shows that age, experience and overall qualifications plays a part in remuneration also.

Those respondents working in the financial services sector and pharmaceutical sectors had the highest overall package whilst those in the Education and not for profit sectors were on average the lowest paid.

Overall the trends and results show a remarkable similarity to those found in the last GBTA remuneration report which was produced from a survey of Travel Managers based in North America.

"We have conducted this research at the request of our Business Travel Buyer Members and intend to produce it annually. We have been pleased at the level of response from members in completing the survey, without which we would not have been able to produce a meaningful report," commented Buckley, ITM's CEO.

The findings of the report is available on the ITM website here.

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