ITM Releases 50-Page Guide to Ancillary Fees and Direct Connect

Updated: 29-06-2011

The Institute of Travel & Meetings (ITM) UK & Ireland has today released a fifty page report to its Business level members about ancillary fees and direct connect technology. The report was produced by the association as a direct result of the call by buyer members to better understand the issues surrounding airline business model changes and the impacts on managed travel at different stages of the booking process. "The Collapse of Simplicity?", as the report is entitled, looks at how fares are distributed today and the existing methods of distributing additional airline items. It then goes on to look into the changes which are taking place in those systems and the impact on different aspects of managed travel programmes. The document, which has purposefully been created to allow those without in-depth distribution knowledge to understand what's going on, ends with ITM's buyer-led position on the issues laid out for members.

Talking about the content of the report, ITM's chairman, Jamie Hindhaugh, said, "ITM's view is clearly presented in this document for all to see. We have, as usual, taken an independent position to help ITM members understand the implications of the changes. We are not for or against any particular supplier or supplier type, but we are pro-managed travel principles. We want the industry to work together to help us manage travel more effectively, not wreck the philosophies and systems we have built to help us all provide a better service to our stakeholders."

Mr Hindhaugh said he was referring to the principles of transparency, data integrity and traveller duty-of-care in particular and that the association was, "...not opposed to the principles of unbundling or direct connect", but that " supplier had yet convinced the buyer members of ITM that they did anything other than create confusion at a time when travel managers had other things to be concerned about."

The report, created after a number of in-depth interviews across all of the stakeholder groups, is also being made available to members of the Global Business Travel Association.

The full report is available to Business Members FREE of charge in the reports area of the website. Please log in to access the report.

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