Transport Guidelines

Does anyone have any taxi/public transport use guidelines within their travel policy?

I have been asked to issue some guidelines of when public transport should be used over taxis but not sure what the norm is mileage wise.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Angela Smith  

AUG 03 2009

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Taxi Guidelines

We have the following guidelines within our policy:

Employees are encouraged (wherever possible) not to take taxis. However, it is acknowledged that on occasion it can be practical, more expedient and in some cases safer.

Taxi fares will be reimbursed ONLY upon production of a valid receipt AND where the authorising manager is satisfied that such costs have been incurred necessarily. Examples which would be considered “reasonable” are:

  • Journeys where there is no other suitable method of public transport.
  • Where there are health and safety or personal security issues associated with this form of travel e.g. travel from the airport after a long flight, travel to/from a train station at unsociable times.
  • Where heavy luggage has to be transported to or from the place of departure or arrival.
  • Where it is cost effective to travel by taxi, whether for the whole journey or combined with other modes of travel.
  • Where the saving of official time is important.
  • Where line management agree a disability would make travel by taxi more appropriate.

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 15:06:47

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